Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Stones from old path are mostly dug up!  Quickly posting to get next steps straight in my head.  Further ruminating to follow.

* move all crushed rock from future foundation bed (pile next to gate) - Wed
* dig up path from end of shed to bend (8.25" deep) - dirt goes in future foundation bed - Thurs
* move crushed rock from pile next to gate into path, 4" deep - Fri
* tear up "deck" (and any additional paving waiting for me underneath it, ugh) - weekend
* move stone dust to tarp in corner next to carport - Mon
* get rid of stupid monster pavers - Tue
* dig up path bend (8.25" deep in dirt, or remove 2" of crushed rock) - Wed & Thurs
* redistribute crushed rock to be 4" deep across path - at driveway edge should come to 4.25" below driveway (i.e. slightly deeper) to allow pavers to be even with driveway  - Fri
* compact crushed rock - Sat
* distribute stone dust 2" deep all over path - Sun
* interlock! - Mon-Wed
* trench for toe - Tue
* concrete toe - rest of week
* mulch - long wkend

And I think I will go for the bagster, in the end, because relatively speaking there's not that much concrete crap to get rid of.  Will have to think about wtf to do with the old stones...some of them are pretty massive.  The smaller ones I could probably put in the garden paths, since the previous ones got buried.  Could possibly use them in a corner here and there (e.g. next to shed) as a spot for decorations (e.g. swank copper fountain!  Or containers, I suppose, if I'm ever ninja-like enough to actually water them...)

Anyway, for now, studiowards!

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