Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Just acquired a second-hand tabletop light setup for seed starting. I have not had very much success with seeds to date, between lack of light and absent-mindedness wrt water. So I made this purchase in hope of addressing the first issue, and I figure a capillary mat (from the ever-trusty Lee Valley) might help with the second.

Because the house is a mess, I have lost the order form where I jotted down my planned order from Lindenberg Seeds, so I am trusting it to the interwebz instead.

* Cannas: Pkg of 3 Ambassador (4135) and Pkg of 3 Red King Humbert (4137)
* Liatris: 2x pkg of 10 (4272)
* Agastache Honey Bee Blue (506)
* Amaranthus Joseph's Coat (5158)
* Wheat celosia (602)
* Cleome Rose Queen (625)
* Cosmos Early Sensation Mixed (650)
* Delphinium Pacific Giants Mixed (670)
* Digitalis Purpurea (690)
* Digitalis Foxy (691)
* Globe amaranth (713)
* Lavender hyssop (7386)
* Marigold crackerjack (781)
* Nasturtium Whirlybird Mixed (819)
* Nigella Persian Jewels (836)
* Nicotiana Deep Purple (8321)
* Nicotiana Red (8322)
* Ornamental Millet Purple Majesty (8375)
* Perennial Chives (385)
* Borage (2106)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Winter interest

I has it!


At least there's one upside to weather that leaves you spending half an hour to chip your car out of the ice. The trees are breathtaking today, full of light. This picture doesn't do it justice.


Trying to think of ways to work both of the above into glass designs.