Sunday, March 18, 2012

Freakishly early spring, again

Not only has it been above zero for more than a week, but: 23 degrees the last couple days!! Holy crap!

Starting to make inroads on cleanup tasks - the shed is (gasp) organized and there are two big bags of leaves sitting by the curb. And mom brought me a cubic yard of riverwash stone for the front of the yard...we used about 1/4 of it for that purpose, leaving the rest in a heap in the carport, so now I need additional uses for the stuff. Some of it can go around the patio as a border, but that probably won't take much. So I'm thinking I might also use it to "pave" my planned path into the backyard, with fieldstones here and there as stepping stones. Much cheaper than interlock, somewhat less labour intensive, and not as big a big deal if stupid lilac suckers start coming up through it...except it would be completely impossible to get all the leaves and cedar bits out of the rocks, I fear. Hmmm.

To Do:

* chop down dead ornamental grasses
* prune dappled willow
* get rest of leaves into yard waste bags
* sweep up driveway
* sweep and rake in backyard