Saturday, May 5, 2012

Revising to do list in light of some complications (e.g. additional gigantic fieldstones under the deck, siiiiigh)

move all crushed rock from future foundation bed (pile next to gate) - Wed
* dig up path from end of shed to shed door (8.25" deep) - dirt goes in future foundation bed - Thurs
* move crushed rock from pile next to gate into path, 4" deep - Fri
* tear up "deck" (and any additional paving waiting for me underneath it, ugh) - weekend
* move crushed rock from corner next to carport/next to shed - pile into path - tonight/Sun
* move dirt from heap next to playhouse into corner next to carport - Sun
* move stone dust to tarp next to playhouse - Mon
* move leftover interlock to carport - Mon
* get rid of stupid monster pavers - Tue
* dig up path bend (8.25" deep in dirt, or remove 2" of crushed rock - pile dirt in corner next to carport) - Tue - Thurs
* finess distribution of crushed rock  - at driveway edge should come to 4.25" below driveway (i.e. slightly deeper) to allow pavers to be even with driveway  - Thurs
* Clean up! - Thurs-Fri
* compact crushed rock - Sat
* distribute stone dust 2" deep all over path, top with interlock! - Sun-TueTues
* trench for toe - Tue
* concrete toe - rest of week
* mulch - whenever I can coordinate with mom to pick the stuff up

Also in there:  keep cleaning up corner next to shed; rake piles of dirt into place - side yard beds and also around the playhouse; add river rock borders; put down cardboard/yard waste bags/weed barrier over dirt around the playhouse, since it is weedy like whoa; place flagstones (around playhouse, in corner next to shed, in garden paths); get rid of leftover flagstones and interlock; schlep broken concrete, scrap lumber, and old tires to dump; clean up the damn carport finally

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