Monday, May 21, 2012

(Dry) shade shopping list

So the challenge with the new side yard will be that it is shaded both by the house and some bushy cedars - in other words, dry as bone unless it REALLY pours.  The piece right next to the carport is a little more open to the sun and rain - it is my plan to put a smallish japanese maple there and underplant it with...other stuff, TBD.  A newly purchased Nova Zembla rhododendron can go there too, since it should like the cedars, although I've had bizarrely mixed success with $8 November Canadian Tire purchase is doing beautifully, even surviving the trip between houses in 2008, but every other one I've tried has really struggled.  I also bought a euonymus...never thought I'd see the day!!


* Brunnera (Emerald Mist looks nice, if I can track it down)
* Epimedium
* Heuchera, tiarella, heucherella
* Hostas (sigh)
* Daffodils
* Digitalis
* Daylilies (sigh)
* Robb's wood spurge
* Pachysandra
* Japanese forest grass
* Five-leaf aralia
* Carex (who knew??)

Divide and try:
* sweet woodruff
* ginger
* bleeding heart

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