Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mid-June, ZOMG

I may faint dead away with delight.

Peonies! Kaboooom!!

And Eremurus, beginning to be truly heart-stopping - must take more pictures in the next couple days!

Must take more pictures of these in the next couple of days.
Icing on the cake:

Gas plant (aka dittany) blooming! Squeeee finally!! Thought I had pink as well as white, but this does not dampen my glee.

Rose Glow barberry, exploding most colourfully, proving yet again that maxim about how first year they sleep, second year creep, and third year leap.

Red feathers, evidently quite happy in this spot, and gloriously long-lasting, too.  

Tomorrow I muster out to do battle with heinous shit-bugs, since they are on their pre-July march again. While I'm at it hopefully I will remember to take pictures of the backyard.