Sunday, May 13, 2012

Another year, another Experimental Farm plant sale

*happy sigh*

The spoils!

Eryngium "Big Blue" - nice 3' tall sea holly with big blue spiky flowers.

Verbascum Olympicum - gigantor mullein!  Although when I got these home the tag was different than the sign had been, so these might be the less impressive but nonetheless pretty Sixteen Candles instead...

Verbascum "Clementine" - how's this for colour??

Japanese kerria - shrub for dry shade!

Wintergreen - lovely creeper with red berries

Geum "Flames of Passion" - bitty plant with lovely red flowers

Blue Corydalis - I read in a garden magazine lately that these are really good for dry shade too.

There was also an itty bitty start of some sort of crazy pink fluffy-tailed thing that gets to be 3'+ tall, but can't remember the name of it for the life of me.  Have to check tomorrow I guess.

I am kicking myself a little for not jumping on the golden japanese spikenard or the gigantor pots of delphiniums.  Next time I will know better.  And if I see the spikenard when I go visit Whitehouse Perennials - because I WILL visit - I'll know not to hesitate!

We also stopped into Canadian Tire, where I snapped up

Bergenias - from the shopping list!

Pink cleome, since I got all of two itty bitty seedlings to germinate

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