Saturday, May 29, 2010

So I spent a few free hours today chipping away at the gigantic pile of mulch that Maurice Yelle Ltd. so helpfully delivered this morning. So far I have managed to mulch the new bed out front, the shade bed and the back of the sun bed. Loving the sudden tidiness this creates. My only question is how do I go about reconciling my desire to strangle weed seeds with my desire for some of my plants (poppies, foxglove, lupines) to generously reseed themselves??

Meanwhile I am poking around in catalogues to see what I want to plant in the fall. I think I will definitely have to invest in some Eremurus, aka foxtail lily, which look impressive and tall and are described as needing about exactly the conditions I have in the new bed out front.

I would also very much like some white alliums. I may actually just get more alliums period, because they are so awesome in any colour. The front yard could do with some, too.

Some googling tells me that my beautiful double tulips will probably not return next year. Poo. Well, Breck's is sending me more French Lace mix already; I will have to snap up more Scarlet Majesty. I am also intrigued by Peach Melba and Angelique, which I think I would put in the front bed but might keep in the back instead. Decisions, decisions!

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