Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ohhhhhh Experimental Farm plant sale, how I ♥ you.

* variegated yucca

* baptisia

* coreopsis zagreb

* coreopsis red shift

* pulmonaria raspberry splash (this is the $20 pulmonaria I was looking at in my Veseys catalogue...except I got it for $4! Ha!)

* japanese forest grass

* red hot pokers (kniphofia)

* houttuynia cordata chameleon - funky technicolour foliage plant, which I am warned to be patient with because it is very slow to reappear in the spring ... oh crap, also everything I am reading about it on the intarwebs says it's mad invasive. Dammit. Well, maybe I can put it in a planter or something.

* verbascum

* two little bitty things that I snapped up for $3 and $4 because the pictures associated with them showed lovely flowers, but whose names I cannot remember!!

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