Saturday, July 11, 2009

* I seem to have hit the midsummer maintenance plateau, which is a little depressing, but I have gotten an awful lot done this year, I think, so progress is progress. I will bide my time for the fall perennial clearances.
* I am doing better with having things blooming later in the season. Sun is helpful that way, since most shade plants are spring-flowering.
* The cleome is just about flowering and is going to be stunning - definitely planting that again!!
* I spent a little while weeding in the front yard; doesn't feel like it made much difference. MULCH MULCH MULCH how I need you desperately. I think I will go to Canadian Tire tomorrow and grab a few bags, since all I would need for the front yard is 18 cubic feet. Next spring I will fork out the delivery fee and get a few cubic yards deposited in the driveway, thus getting the drop on the weeds right at the start of the season.
* I should also get a trellis of some kind for the David Austin rose.

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