Friday, June 5, 2009

I went to a nursery this morning. Just to browse.

Schya. Browse. Right.

I came away with:

* a Lemon Lights azalea - couldn't resist its beautiful peachy-salmon colour.

* a dappled willow - I tried to grow one of these from a twig Vesey's sent me and was disappointed when it died; I saw some at Loblaws but they were kind of twiggy and scorched-looking; so I couldn't resist when I saw much bushier healthy-looking specimens this morning.

* a Hillside Black Beauty bugbane, aka Black Snakeroot - been meaning to pick one of these up for a while, actually.

* some pink thrift to go with the white thrift I bought yesterday.

I hereby declare a two-week freeze on plant-buying. No more plants for me until June 19!

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