Friday, June 5, 2009

While shoving potted plants around, trying to figure out where I should put them, I realized that I couldn't remember how big the magnolia was going to get. The number that sprang to mind was 6-8 feet, but I figured it would be wise to double check.

Well, I just did. The one I have is a Leonard Messel, and apparently those bastards eventually reach around 25' ... after 10-15 years they're hitting around 18'.

They are, of course, stunning when full-grown. But where the hell am I going to put a tree that gets to be as tall as the house?? And how did I fail to notice this problem? I could have SWORN I looked this up before. Well, I suppose I have plenty of room in the front yard, and I can start a new garden bed around that foundation... of course at this point I need another garden bed like I need a hole in the head, I have WAY MORE THAN ENOUGH to keep me busy. Well, in a few years, maybe I'll start working on that. I can plant the tree, at least.

At least that solves my problem of how to fit the dappled willow and the magnolia in the same bed.

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