Friday, April 24, 2009

Today I:

* dug under about half of the west bed (up to the stupid pavers, which I'm going to wait to tackle till I can get my hands on a crowbar), digging up many rocks and all the daylily rhizomes I could get my mitts on
* having checked with the neighbours, trimmed back the prickly climbing thing that is invading from their yard
* tidied and swept the through-space between carport and shed

I also kept an eye on the sun conditions through the day and confirmed that the front yard is indeed full sun (6h+) throughout, and so is a swath of the backyard, with much of the rest of it on the sunny side of partial shade. I've decided I'm going to move the compost, because AS IF I am going to waste one of the sunniest spots in the yard on it! It would in fact be a very good place for that flowering almond....

I AM SO EXCITED about this yard, I cannot tell you.

Tomorrow or Sunday I will whip out to Canadian Tire, where I saw a bunch more perennials that piqued my interest. Also on my to do list, although somewhat longer term, is to put together some containers to hang over the front step, decorate the through-space, and generally be gorgeous, since I seem to have acquired a bazillion containers in the last year or so. Maybe I will attempt some of those impossibly perfect arrangements I've been seeing in garden magazines. I'll just have to remember to water them this time around. For this purpose maybe I will start a rain barrel.

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