Sunday, April 26, 2009

Some previous owner of this house gets a massive EPIC FAIL in composting. In moving the compost to a different spot, I discovered that one of the two composters was full of plastic bags, candy wrappers, and styrofoam. I mean, WTF, people?? Adding to my irritation at having to pick out all this crap was that the composter in question was also set a good 2 feet into the ground and was a big fat pain in the ass to dig out and get rid of.

On the plus side:

* I have a generous amount of nice compost to use, now that it's garbage-free
* in addition to being sunny, that soil in that back corner is going to rock
* due to removal of the pain-in-the-ass composter, I now have a nice big hole in a sunny/rich-soil spot

This last cries out for a flowering almond, but still I hesitate. The power lines are almost directly above, although I think they'd probably clear the max height of a flowering almond; also I need to make sure that anything tall and leafy planted there is not going to cause undue shade in the rest of the yard. And I'm not sure that it won't look weird with the massive white pine and the anonymous shrub sitting right next to it.

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