Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Accomplished today:

* Planted sweet peas in a few different locations around both the back yard and the front. Am totally excited to see if they come up, since this is the first time I've had enough sun to even consider them.

* Raked leaves and crap out of the garden beds. What a mess. I think I'm going to end up just digging the backyard's west bed under and starting over. The bed itself is all uneven and full of overgrown broken ugly pavers, and I'm pretty sure all that's in there is daylilies and geraniums, regarding which, bleh. Elsewhere, though, I'm pleased to note that most of what I managed to plant last year is actually coming back...including the trillium, bleeding heart, and peonies, which I was worried about.

To Do in the next couple days:

* get raked-up leaves off lawn and into yard waste bags
* plant liatris and dahlias and anything else that needs to be in the ground earlyish
* hang up string trellis for sweet peas next to shed

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