Monday, February 27, 2012

Siiiiiigh. Spring, how I pine for you.

To do when it finally gets here:

* shop for hellebores
* put down riverwash stone/gravel over landscape fabric
* edge backyard patio with riverwash stone/gravel
* deploy shelving and clean up shed and throughway
* throughway madness: dig everything up, lay down paver path, mulch new beds
* prune the hell out of the lilac
* top up mulch all around

Pondering ways to dress up the entrance to the throughway. There's a big old empty space between the top of the fence and the roof of the carport; the roof of the carport makes it not a great spot for an arbour or other fancy structure. My first thought was to hang up an old windowframe or two with some stained glass, but I'm not sure such a thing wouldn't get stolen. Next idea was to put up a trellis of some sort, even just some string, and send some climbing thing up to fill the space. Dutchman's Pipe? Silver Lace Vine? Hardy kiwi? Akebia?

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