Friday, February 10, 2012

It seems imprudent to go hog-wild on the seeds before determining whether my new equipment will actually help them survive, but...BUT...damn you anyway, tempting seed catalogues!

Enticing from the Thompson & Morgan offerings:

* primulas: japonica mix, crimson japonica, and drumstick mix - particularly tempting because I lurrrrv these and want to plant many many of them; this would be a super-cost-effective way to do it, if I could pull it off, considering that a packet of seeds costs as much as a single potted plant
* bright orange calendula
* agastache cana
* amaranthus marvel bronze
* amaranthus love lies bleeding
* celosia flamingo feather
* cleome mix
* knautia macedonica
* verbena pink spires
* verbascum copper rose

Intarwebz tips for growing primulas:

An alternative method for growing PRIMULAS is to sow in a peat based compost which has already been moistened and do not cover the seed. Cover the container with a piece of glass or plastic and grow in the dark in a steady temperature of 60F. This is quite adequate and over 65'F germination will be inhibited. When the seeds start to germinate sprinkle a thin layer of fine compost over them and when the seed leaves come through this, move the box to a well lit place with a temperature of 55'F. At no time should the seed box be in full sun.

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