Friday, February 24, 2012


Hog-wild. Yep.


I used 9 doz peat pellets, and then spied some coir pellets (made from coconut husks, purportedly more renewable than peat) at Lee Valley and used 200 of those. Kind of a pain because they only "inflate" to half the size they're supposed to reach, and to get the rest you have to sort of squish and poke them. Still, it's a soilless growing medium, right?

Also instead of sealing things in plastic bags I have cleverly co-opted some plastic shoeboxes!


I sure hope this works. I mean, I have constant (12-16h) light; I have constant moisture; I have reasonable (65-70F) temperature. What else would it take? ... well, if I get middling results again I may try proper pots next year, as opposed to the pellets. But SURELY TO GOD. Right???

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