Monday, May 18, 2009

Tomorrow, I suspect I will be hobbling around the house like a 90-year-old. BUT with the aid of a UHaul and a wheelbarrow and by wearing through the fingers of two pairs of cheapass garden gloves, we got our approximate ton of rock, ranging from little rocks


to medium rocks


to really friggin big rocks.


I'm glad we did this today, because I wouldn't have wanted to do it in weather any warmer (not to mention any buggier). Also I have renewed respect - awe is more the word - for the people who first attempted to farm in this part of the country, because we could have toiled away at pulling that wall apart for days and barely made a dent in it. The fact that somebody dug all that rock out of land they were attempting to cultivate kind of blows my mind. Especially given the vegetation, e.g. poison ivy and prickly elm (prickly being a serious understatement - like very tall, very thickety, very vigorous rose-bushes).

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