Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall to do list

...with what project time? That is the question. Sigh.

* plant primroses in twos and threes throughout shadier beds
* plant bulbs (not too crazy this year, since I'm not sure how much of last year's extravaganza will come back...nonetheless will add lots of itty bitty daffodils in the side yard, since my dry shade book claims that they fare reasonably well in those conditions, and some crocuses in the sunnier parts of the back yard)
* weeding: roadside, driveway border, side yard path
* hit up Rideau Woodland Ramble for another shrimpy evergreen
* hit up Artistic Landscaping Design for a cutleaf sumac - having marvelled at the gorgeousness of one I saw in a former colleague's garden, I've decided that I really do need one
* top up river rocks around side yard path
* clean up side yard path and carport, AGAIN

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