Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Seed report!

To be repeated
* Digitalis (obvs - always need more of these!)
* primroses (following encouraging success this year)
* alyssum (somewhat unexpectedly - it takes a while to get going, but it actually weathered the drought, and by this point in the summer is a rather lovely edging)
* sunflowers (SO COOL - pictures to follow - need more next time!)

To be considered
* zinnias, only don't start them so ridiculously early this time
* nicotiana (not very smelly, but nice and floriferous)
* verbena (saw them in a city bed this summer - so gorgeous! although reputedly slow and irregular in germination...maybe better off purchased as bedding plants...)
* nepeta
* chicory (do I dare??  So gorgeous, but given its wild and woolly natural state I'm a little afraid it might turn into a thug)
* Jerusalem sage (phlomis tuberosa)

To not be bothered with
* cosmos, unless direct seeding - does not work well started indoors
* cleome - needs to be heated, apparently, which explains my lack of success with them

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