Monday, August 27, 2012

Posting mostly to bookmark this promising-sounding attack against japanese beetles, which continue to plague the roses out front.

I am broke and should not buy plants, but that doesn't keep me from speculating/coveting.  Hopefully by the time fall plant sales roll around there will be more $$$ available for lavishing on the garden.

The hunt for a columnar conifer continues - a Degroot's Spire cedar might work.  Have been unexpectedly successful enough with my shrimpy $12 Tsuga canadensis that I might go back to the Rideau Woodland Ramble to repeat the experiment with something else.

"Tiger Eyes" cutleaf sumac keeps catching my eye.  Apparently drought tolerant.  Possible replacement for the bedraggled mockorange that I need to dig out of the front bed at some point?  Opinions seem to differ on how much it suckers, but presumeably the dry-as-bone conditions would keep it in check.

I should really plant some Walker's Low nepeta, since it's supposed to bloom profusely, smell heavenly, and tolerate drought.  Although apparently I'll have to keep it under an overturned hanging basket or something to keep the young plant from being squashed by stoned felines.

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