Saturday, October 15, 2011

Made an excursion to the Rideau Woodland Ramble today in search of a dwarf evergreen to replace the spruce I killed. I love garden shopping at this time of year - 35 to 50% off everything: sweet!!

Snapped up some red oriental poppies and some red cinquefoil, whose foliage caught my eye. Hemmed and hawed over the conifers. I was thinking about a variegated hemlock, but they're apparently understory trees that prefer part shade and moist soil. In the end I bought an itty bitty one, since I have no qualms about gambling with a $12 plant; apparently these grow at a downright glacial rate, so we'll see how well this works out. Or I might lose my nerve and find a spot for it in the backyard somewhere. Also got a couple of itty bitty blue star junipers for the same price and a dwarf common juniper.

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