Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall progress

Peony has been relocated to the front yard, as well as some stray rose campion seedlings, which are nice and silver-coloured and should like the conditions out there. I ended up chucking the TG rose, since it was mostly dead except for one lonely, straggly cane. Planted a purple clematis in its place, as well as the sweet autumn clematis out front. Still to plant is a chunk of lovely silvery-and-purple sage from my mom's garden, somewhere it can sprawl a bit, since mom's patch got pretty big in just one summer.

And since the weather seems to have turned, I took a crack at my bulbs the other day. Planted: 90 tulips scattered all around; 60 crocus around the bottom of the magnolia; 40 squills around the top of the yard; 8 hyacinths that will probably be hidden by taller things but whose delicious smelliness will hopefully still be able to waft in the front windows; 20 alliums of various descriptions, mostly around the roses, which will hopefully deter the japanese beetles and anonymous caterpillars next year; and 10 kooky-looking "feather muscari". Remaining: 30 or 40 smaller alliums; 50 tulips for the backyard; 3 eremurus. Next spring is so going to rock.

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