Thursday, September 8, 2011

After a rough night of little sleep I decided to treat myself to a plant binge yesterday in compensation. The spoils:

* Three pots of Munstead lavender (as per previous shopping list ruminations)

* Penstemon "Dark Towers", which is drought tolerant and likes full sun - therefore a good candidate for the front yard, I think! Plus it has the nice purple foliage I am so charmed by, in addition to pink flowers.

* Creeping speedwell, which has nice silvery foliage and promises to be quite striking when in bloom.

* Gas plants (aka Dittany), one pink and one white, which I've been reading about forever in garden magazines as this beautiful classic cottage garden plant but was never able to find.

* "Jade Frost" sea holly, since I'm not sure if the bareroot ones I planted managed to survive, and since it has funky variegated foliage to boot.

* "Ozawa" chives (to plant with some of the roses) which bloom nowish, for a bonus.

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