Monday, April 4, 2011

When I piled cardboard and dirt over the lawn in the fall, I had resigned myself to sacrificing the crocuses I planted the previous year, figuring there was no way they'd make it through all that. BUT where I used yard waste bags instead of cardboard boxes to smother the grass, they have emerged victorious! I had forgotten how much of a boost it is to see flowers at the beginning of April. ♥ ♥ ♥ First picture post of the year to follow!

Otherwise, so far I see daffodils (I think), a couple of little alliums, and daylilies (sigh). I am nervous about the eremurus...had I read about their persnicketiness before buying, I don't know that I would have attempted them. Drainage is so critical an issue that if you mess it up, to quote a memorable line from one of my magazines, "they will rot faster than you can dig a hole and bury twenty bucks." And while the whole front yard is pretty sharply drained, I still eyed the puddles that came and went with the thaw with great nervousness. If they DO come up, I will do a little victory dance and swear a great deal in triumph.

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  1. if there are flowers coming up here, they're buried still. i'm so looking forward to spring and green.

    auntie naomi