Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lindenberg Seeds catalogue arrived. Holy rock-bottom prices, batman!

Monkshood - 3 x $4.50 apiece (can probably find these in the garden centre, but not for that price!)
Astrantia 'Ruby Cloud' - $4
Bicolour buddleia - $4 for a 3" plug (less than 1/3 the Vesey's price!!)
Cannas - $6 for 3, so I'll get some Red King Humbert and The President for a total of $12
Heliopsis 'Venus' - $6
Phlox - $13 for 4
Eryngeum - $7 for 2

Sweeeeeet. Definitely keeping an eye on this place in future!!


  1. Thanks for the suggestion! I'm trying to get them to send me a catalog in the US. Not working so far. Bugger!!

  2. Alas, their catalog says they can't ship to the US at this time, so I think you may be out of luck on that front - if you check the Garden Watchdog on Davesgarden, though, you can probably find some equally awesome recommendations!