Saturday, June 26, 2010

Oh, Canadian Tire, how I ♥ you around this time of the season. $1.49 is about the most awesome price for perennials evar (well, aside from "here, I'm dividing this, have some!")


* Jacob's ladder, a variety with funky brown-purple leaves and purple flowers
* Monster digitalis - my evil scheme is to surround it with the shorter-but-more-colourful variety
* Turtlehead, which I keep hearing about in garden magazines
* Somewhat ratty-looking artemisias: one Powis Castle (the same variety as the ginormous one out front), and one Silver Mound (the size I was expecting Powis Castle to be when I bought the one out front)
* Tansy
* Sweet William
* Pink and blue salvia

Excepting the artemisias and salvia, lots of shady stuff in this list, so I will add it either to the corner bed or the shade bed. Naptime tomorrow is the plan!

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