Sunday, May 26, 2013

Picture post the second: May

So here's the tulips starting to get going in the front...

Missed out on a picture of the early ones this year. Pattern seems to remain early reds and pinks and purples moving to later white and black-purple.

 View going into the backyard.  Some minor tidying to do, but: SQUEE.

Overall in the backyard, featuring swank copper fountain and awesome tulips!

Shade bed (need to move/disguise the extension cord currently powering the fountain):

 Tulips!  Gypsophila appears to be another random winter casualty.  Will have to find something else to replace it.

Wall bed. This is not the spot I had in mind for the fountain, but it really works well there, as it turns out. Just need to bend over it to spy for lily beetles.

 My god, this thing is gorgeous. Seriously worth every penny. We've been running it constantly; with the windows open, you can still hear it.

Those heucheras are solid gold in the east bed. Really rounds out the colour palette.

 Dwarf korean fir.  Could not resist this texture. Have put it in the shade bed next to the maidenhair fern.

Aaaaaaaaand another week later. Amazing how much things fill in given a cool, rainy week.

 Again with the heucheras.  Damn.  Might need to look for a few more of these.

Rampaging bittersweet vine and increasingly dilapidated shed. I kind of enjoy the wild-and-woolly look of the vine, actually, and the birds love it, but it desperately needs a haircut.

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