Saturday, February 16, 2013

I am not ordering seeds right this minute.  First off, I can't actually start them for another month, and second, I am desperately broke at the moment.  BUT for future reference, and because poring over seed catalogues is a reward in itself:

Sunflower Russian Giant (T&M 90416) - promised height of 8-10' is unlikely in our soil, but fun to try!
Other sunflowers TBD
Queen Anne's Lace (T&M 90636)
Alyssum (T&M 91394) - multicoloured this time, why not
Chicory (T&M 91203)
Digitalis (T&M 90399)
Heliotrope (T&M 91171)
Nicotiana (T&M 90235)
Primroses (T&M 90436)
Scarlet Kale (T&M 90323)
Cardoon ( - gigantic spiky silver plant?  Yes please!

I guess I will wait until after Seedy Saturday to place my order, and then if I can find all of the above without shelling out for shipping, so much the better.

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