Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spoils of Seedy Saturday

* Cleome in pink, purple and white. Last year I got these as bedding plants, so it'll be interesting to see how seedlings compare.

* Phacelia Tanacetifolia. A very interesting-looking annual; package claims it's good for bees. From what I'm reading the foliage looks like something between ferns and yarrow.

* Poppies. Going crazy with these this year, apparently, because I picked up two more varieties - both self-seeding annuals:

English Elegance

Flanders Fields

* Malva Zebrina. Was it these or Lavatera that get super self-seedy-aggressive? Hmmm.

* Gigantor marigolds (aka CrackerJack Mixed). Last year these didn't germinate so well, but I think the seeds may have been old.

* Nice red hollyhocks. Where to put them?? Maybe in the front yard, at the back of the new bed? It will be nice and sunny there. Not that they'll bloom until next year anyway.

* Mixed Lupins. I hear mixed reports about these - that they're mad persnickety and unreliable from seed, and that they naturalize wildly. I gather they need very particular conditions, but that they go nuts when those conditions are met. Will have to check again.

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