Friday, January 8, 2010

So before the snow arrived in December, I got winter protection up for neither the magnolia nor the maple, and I completely forgot about a poppy I'd been meaning to plant, so it's probably all frozen and dead now. FAIL. Hopefully the shrubs at least will survive.

In better news, I can haz Vesey's catalogue! So here is the shopping list for spring 2010:

Astilbe, which I started from seed back at Jamieson and have been meaning to buy more of ever since. Shady and tall FTW.

How's this for an awesome fern? It starts out ORANGE and turns green as it matures.

"Naturalizes easily" is all too often code-speak for "mad invasive", but these mallows have caught my eye for ages.

I have been saying I should get myself some coreopsis, since I've been admiring its tall clouds of yellow flowers in other people's yards. Just to be different, I think I'll go for the one that starts out red and then turns yellow.

I feel a little silly contemplating spending $20 on a pulmonaria, but look at the flowers on this thing! Much cooler than the usual blue kind.

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  1. I can haz Veseys' catalog!

    Woo-hoo! PEI content! Happy dreaming and best of luck.